Do you charge VAT on international orders?

All prices shown on the website are inclusive of any applicable UK VAT. This means that the total price you pay us for products is always the same, regardless of whether or not UK VAT is chargeable on the sale.

Therefore we are unable to refund any VAT if you are outside the UK. Where you have requested delivery to a EU address, the price paid for the product and the delivery service will usually include UK VAT, which will be shown on the VAT receipt that will arrive with your order. If you are not a UK resident and you have ordered products for delivery to a non-EU address, both the products and the delivery service will normally be zero-rated, with no UK VAT chargeable on either.

However, the price paid by you for the products and delivery services will remain the same as shown on the website. Payment for our products and delivery services are in pounds sterling. Please note we are not in;a position to refund any customs/import duty paid for countries outside of the EU.

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